The Siege of Petersburg Online (SOPO for short) is a web site dedicated to the digitization of the Siege of Petersburg, but also including the Bermuda Hundred Campaign and the Appomattox Campaign. This sub-site, The Siege of Petersburg – Orders of Battle, focuses specifically on Orders of Battle for the ten Union offensives against the cities of Petersburg and Richmonf, Virginia, from June 1864 to April 1865.

My Siege of Petersburg sites would not exist without the twin inspirations provided by Harry Smeltzer’s Bull Runnings and Jim Epperson’s Siege of Petersburg site.

Order of battle information for brigades, divisions, corps, armies, departments, and army groups will slowly be uploaded over a period of years, both by me (Brett Schulte) and hopefully by future contributors.  Regiment, battalion, and battery pages are still hosted over at the main Siege of Petersburg Online site under the Siege of Petersburg Units page. I went with a WordPress hosting solution because it lends itself easily to allowing others to help add to, edit, and otherwise monitor this site.

If you see possible errors with these Orders of Battle, please let me know on the Contact page.

Brett Schulte


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